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JA-RU Sequin Soft Frisbee Throwing Disc Splash Fun Aqua Flyer 12" (1 Unit Assorted) Flying Discs for Kids & Adult Toys. Safe Easy and Professional. Plus 1 Bouncy Ball. 4637-1p

Brand: JA-RU

  • Pack of 1 Unit Pack Assorted Colors of the Greatest Sequin Color Changing Ring Flying Disc 12 Inches Diameter. Use it wet or dry! It works great both ways. Great frisbee with hole in center for adults or Kids Boys or Girls. Outdoor Toy. Comes with 1 JA-Ru Collectable Bouncy Ball.
  • Draw in the shiny colors sequin frisbee so fun!!! Toss it to the pool and dive to catch it!. Easy to catch and glides smoothly. Great Ring to use at the beach frisbee. Freesbe Disc, Freesbie Disc. Girls Party favor Idea. Girls outdoor play. Girls toys, Girls games, Girls Favors pack.
  • Soft FRISBEES FOR KIDS. BEACH LAKE POOL PLAYGROUND OUTDOOR PARKS WATER TOYS & GAMES. Summer beach games lake Beach Gear Frizbees Flyer Disc Beach Stuff. Playground & Equipment for Schools. Very Easy to Catch Soft and Safe.
  • OUTSIDE FUN POOL STUFF IDEAS KIDS SUMMER TOYS Outdoor active play beach toys for kids Outdoor sports Flying toys for kids Pool toys for kids flying disc soft frisbees active kids games. Cloth Nylon Soft Frisbee.
  • USA Brand JA-RU. ASTM Tested. Top Quality & Safety. Party Favor, Giveaways, Prizes, Goodies, Stocking Stuffers, Rewards, Incentives, Pinata Filler, Birthday Bag, Reward, Carnival Christmas Halloween, Summer Camp, Add, ADHD. Cool Stuff Toys in Bulk.