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Stretchy Balls Stress Relief | Item 401

Brand: JA-RU

Product Description


So Many kids and adults nowadays have been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD. Usually they feel stress, have difficulty focusing and sitting still . These Stress balls provide an excellent tool to relieve stress and entertain people with these conditions.

We originally developed these hand exercise balls primarily thinking of grip strengthening and arthritis pain relief. But customers have constantly mentioned they hand it out to kids in classrooms, use it to improve fine motor skills and keep fidgeting hands busy and relaxed.


These stress balls help promote a sense of calm, reduce anxiety and can increase focus and attention. Keep them next to your workstation to relieve stress, keep focus and improve productivity.

Strengthens your fingers, hands and wrists!

Grip and forearm strengthening exercises

Perfect for beginner weightlifters who are being held back by weak grip.

Helps Relieve arthritis pain

To train the smaller muscles surrounding the fingers Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program for rehabilitation purposes.

Use it to strengthen muscles in all fingers

Push your fingers down against the ball. Hold for a few seconds and then release. Repeat gradually to increase finger muscle strength.

Get Creative with new exercises!

Never force when you feel pain and always consult your physical therapist and Dr for guidance on how to exercise according to your needs.

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  • Pack of 12 Sets Assorted Colors! Stretchy Ball! Squeezable, Bouncy and Soft makes it easy and safe for kids to use
  • Squishy Stress Relief Balls! Mold, pinch and squish this Stretchy Dough Ball in your hands at work for stress relief and to stimulate circulation in your hands, arms and fingers.
  • Designed to last! Stretch them, Squeeze them, and Bounce them. You can even wash them. Stress relief balls. Pull and Stretch Ball. Nice balls stress balls. Therapy Putty Ball.
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