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Splat Balls (Pack of 12) by JARU | Squish Splash Toys | Item #5303-12

Brand: JA-RU

  • 12 Splat Balls Assorted Colors and Styles. 6 Styles: Rat, Poo, Happy Face, Bulb, Tomato and Ice Cream.. Toss it! Watch it stick! Toss it! Watch it Splat!
  • Splat Balls are sticky and stretchy! Use water and soap for cleaning.
  • Helps relieve stress while having fun. STRESS BALL RELEASES TENSION and vents unwanted emotions for adults, teens and children.
  • Splat balls are filled with filtered water and "splat" when thrown against the floor, wall window. When you throw the splat ball at a hard surface, it will stick for a while, and then slowly tumble to the ground
  • USA Brand by JA-RU. Top Quality & Safety Standards. Party Favor, Bulk, Wholesale, Planner, Resale, Store, thank you Bag, Prizes, Goodies, Stocking Stuffers, Rewards, Incentives, Stem, Pinata Filler, Birthday Bag or Boxes Mixed with Candy, Easter Basket, Christmas, Prime. For Children Kids and Adults.